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Alderson's pharmacy in Rockdale can assist you with a variety of home health care products that you can either hire or buy.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the extensive range of health care products products on the market we may have to order some products in. Please ring for price and availabilty.

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Our products

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Bath Shower Mat- with suction
Commode Chair Mobile
Suction Hand Rail
Over Toilet Aid
Shower Chair
Shower Stool
Sponge Long Handled
Toilet Seat Raised with Lid (4 inch)
Urinal Comfort Female
Urinal Male with Lid
Urinal Spill Proof



Absorbent Chair Pad
Over Chair Table
Over Bed Table
Absorbent Bed Pad
Bed - Ultra low 4 Section
Comfort Neck Saver
Comfort Ultrasoft Memory
Comfort Junior
Comfort Tri
Comfort Wedge


Chairs and Support

Back Support - Contour
Back Support - Contour Car
Back Support - Inflatable Lumber Section
Cushion - Comfort Memory Foam
Cushion - Foam Ring
Cushion - Inflatable Ring
Cushion - Posture Wedge
Cushion - Wheelchair, Gel & Foam
Lift Chair - Compact (LC-101)
Lift Chair - Deluxe (C5)
Lift Chair - Premium (C6)
Ultimate / LC - 101 EURO LEATHER
Lumbar Roll - Partial Memory Foam
Lumbar Roll - Round Shape
Neck Collar - Cervical
Pillow - Comfort Pregnancy
Pillow - Inflatable Neck Support
Pillow - Padded Knee Separator
Pillow - Travel Neck


Everyday Aids

Button Hook and Zipper Aid
Cushion - Swivel
Cutlery - Comfort Ergo
Dressing Stick
Hot/Cold Pack - Large/Small
Jar Opener - Rubber
Key Turner (3 keys)
Pedal Exerciser
Pedometer - Digital
Pill Crusher
Pill Splitter
Reacher - Folding
Reacher - Premium Pick-Up 60cm and 75cm
Seat Belt Easy Reach
Shoe Horn - Long Plastic
Sock Aid - CompressionSock Aid - Plastic



Deluxe with Loop Brakes
Premium with Loop Brakes
Premium Folding Mini
Push Down Brakes
Wire Basket
Canvas Bag
Walking Cane Holder



Compact Scooter / Go Go Elite Traveller Plus
Deluxe Scooter / Pathrider 10
Premium Scooter / Pathrider 10 Deluxe
Ultimate Scooter / Pathrider 130 XL

Walking Aids

Crutches - Easy Underarm Universal Size
Crutch - Underarm Bariatric Adult
Crutch - Underarm
Crutch Underarm Pads - Pair
Crutch Hand Grips - Pair
Crutch Tips - Pair (22mm)
Ergo Cane Tip 19mm
Cane Tip 19mm
Crutch Cover Set
Crutches - Forearm Bariatric
Crutches - Forearm
Cane Holder - Frog
Walking Frame - Euro Folding
Walking Frame - Folding
Walking Cane - Quad Combo
Walking Cane - Quad Bariatric
Wrist Strap - Walking Cane
Walking Canes - Folding Carbon
Walking Canes - Comfort Ergo
Walking Cane - Folding
Walking Cane - T Shape Handle
Walking Canes - Floral


Withcare Range

Economy Rollator
Economy Shower Stool
Economy Over Toilet Aid
Economy Wheelchair




Transit Aluminium Burgundy
Economy Aluminium Light Blue
Bariatric Dark Blue
Deluxe Aluminium Green
Euro Comfort Bariatric 24"
Euro Comfort Ultra 24"
Euro Comfort Deluxe 24"
Shopper 12" Loop Brakes


Immobiliser, Slings & Stabiliser
Bandage supports for

(NOTE: Click on the link below and scroll down for the specific immobilization or support bandage required.)

Thorax & Abdomen
Lower Leg & Ankle